Our goal is to bring you the most innovative AND effective customer activation and brand advocate solutions - so you can amplify sales and look like a rock star.


We’ve made it our mission in life to help organizations of all sizes use the untapped influence of their existing brand advocates to drive new customers. (Our CEO actually says this every day.) 

Customer activation is the one thing we do, and we strive to be awesome at it.

Why customer activation, you ask?  Well, did you know that referred customers have the lowest acquisition cost of any channel, they tend to stay longer, and be a better fit for your business since your best customers are referring people like themselves?  And, did you know that 83% of customers are willing to refer a business - but only 29% actually do, mostly because they’ve never been asked?  Customer activation works. There are scads of stats to prove it. 

That creates a tremendous incremental acquisition opportunity for organizations.  Our patent pending technology platform, Good Influence, helps you to capture this untapped opportunity by allowing you to easily launch, manage, optimize, and measure the results of your customer activation programs in real-time.  Then you can prove the results of your work, earn showers of praise, get a raise and a promotion, and totally love going to work every day.  Now you see why we love it, right?

Why us? 

While there are lots of apps and widgets out there that try to support customer activation, no one other than Zaptitude is doing a great job with it and no one supports all types of customer activation programs - brand advocate programs including customer referral programs, social recommendation programs, and influencer marketing programs. No one is helping their customers build comprehensive online and offline engagement strategies AND developing real-time incentive optimization engines AND developing top of the funnel engagement technologies (including gamification) AND measuring the ripple effect of each customer AND allowing customers to see the results of their referrals AND integrating with leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms AND integrating offline with email and social media AND…

We saw the incredible potential for customer activation - especially as social business matures, and as data becomes inextricably linked with digital marketing - and we knew we could build something special for marketers. So we did. We built Good Influence, and we work every day to make it even more awesome.