You already know that 65% percent of a company’s business comes from Word of mouth, and that those customers are the most valuable customers.


Our only goal is to bring those valuable customers to you, in a way that makes the referring customer, the referred customer, and you - winners.

Good Influence is a customer referral platform that delivers measurable results for organizations of all sizes - and whether B2C or B2B. Good Influence helps businesses use the influence of existing customers to drive new customers.  The scalable, innovative Good Influence platform and specialist team gives businesses the tools and strategic guidance needed to quickly and easily create, launch, manage, and measure a customer activation program.

Want to get Good Influence for your business? Build your customer activation program with as much or as little help from us as you think you need! We offer a range of options from totally laissez-faire, tech-only, to fully managed, turnkey solutions:

  • Just the tech: Subscribe to the technology and build your own program. We’re here if you need us, but we’re excited to see what you’ll do on your own!
  • Need more support? Our friendly, helpful, super-smart team will provide as-needed services on top of the technology - from strategy, to creative, to analytics and more.
  • Too busy to get it going yourself? We also offer a fully outsourced, turnkey solution. We can develop and manage your entire customer activation program including strategy, creative, analytics, account management - end-to-end, and worry-free.

Key Features

  • Easy, fun user experience. Good Influence is easy and rewarding for your customers! Customers can get their own dashboard to see how their programs are progressing, and how close they are to rewards.
  • Scalable platform. Good Influence can work for any size business and any size campaign, no matter how big or small.
  • Customizable feature set. Create an activation program that works towards your campaign goals, whether you’re referring friends, gamifying or looking for viral growth.
  • Real-time optimization tools. Auto-adjust incentives to deliver the best possible results - and the best possible ROI.
  • Innovative real-time reporting. Makes it easy to see and share the campaign results that matter most.

Key Benefits

  • Gain higher-value customers. The lifetime value of a referred customer is higher than customers who come through other channels -- and these customers actually spend more, too. Who doesn’t want customers like that?
  • Get more customers. Research shows that customers are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend.* How likely to buy are leads from your other marketing channels?
  • Drive incremental revenue. Our clients have driven 5% incremental revenue with Good Influence.
  • Build your brand. Word of mouth is powerful medium! Empower the customers who love your company to spread the word.