The old B2B sales model is dead and gone. Outbound tactics like cold calling, blast mailing and knocking on doors are no longer effective. 


Referral marketing has re-emerged as a mission-critical tactic to encourage more ready-to-act prospects to raise their hands or – better yet – contact sales directly. It’s always been low-hanging fruit for B2Bs, yet so few have formal customer activation programs in place.

That’s where Zaptitude comes in. Our Good InfluenceTM technology is a powerful, scalable, patent-pending customer activation platform, specifically developed to help organizations use the positive influence of existing customers to drive new customers. We’ve combined the power of traditional, social and digital media to give businesses the tools to encourage referrals across all channels - and then accurately and easily attribute conversions to the right ones.

Benefits include:
Cloud-based platform that simple to install and easy to use

  • Scalable for any size business or program, from SMBs to Fortune 100s
  • Seamless integration with leading CRMs and MAPs for clear lead tracking
  • Social media integration for broader referral distribution by customers
  • Easy-to-understand, real-time reporting with closed-loop attribution
  • Sales and/or customer leaderboards to gamify the program so everyone can see who has the greatest number of referrals

And so much more.

With Good Influence for Business, asking for referrals is easy for your sales team, and making referrals is both easy and rewarding for your customers.

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