Our Leadership team


Why do we care so much about leveraging technology to help drive measurable results and helping marketers get all the props they deserve? Because customer activation and digital marketing technologies are in our DNA. Our team has its roots in developing innovative sales and marketing platforms, stemming back to the earliest days of digital. We see the incredible business possibilities of the new connected world - where technology and marketing collide. We see the powerful results our customers are realizing every day through the significant customer referrals and sales amplification driven by Good Influence.  

And, we definitely get the whole accountability thing. We understand that measurable results are really what matters, that you need those charts and dashboards to show the boss, and that you probably work til 2:00 AM more often than anyone should ever have to. We’ve been there, and we’re going to use what we know to create the technology that makes your job that much easier.

Dan Lynn, Founder and CEO

Dan founded Zaptitude in 2013, a company dedicated to helping its clients drive incremental sales through customer activation. Its patent pending technology, Good Influence, was the backbone social activation engine for the famous Ice Bucket Challenge, the largest and most impactful social fundraising phenomena in history.  Good Influence amplified donations to the ALS Association by over $1,300,000.

Dan founded Again Interactive in 2009, a leading social media marketing company.  He is also a partner at Starting Point Ventures, an investment and advisory company for small to mid-sized businesses and startups. 

Prior to his current ventures, Dan was founder of RelevantNoise, one of the first social media mining technology companies and co-founder and CEO of DigitalGrit, an award winning interactive direct response company he helped form in 2000. Dan also held various senior roles at AT&T and ADP in Strategy, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. While at AT&T, Dan spent several years within the company's venerable Bell Labs organization. 

David Fausel, President

David’s experience across a broad range of industries and his digital marketing technology background make him uniquely qualified to drive the growth of Zaptitude by leading its product and solution strategy, scaling its sales team and processes, and managing its account management and customer service organizations. 

David has over 20 years of marketing experience that spans across digital marketing, marketing technology, and offline marketing. David’s experience includes strategic development, account management, and business development for Appinions, a SAAS marketing technology startup driving innovation in the Influence Marketing space for leading brands such as Dell, McDonalds, Coke, and Credit Suisse.  He most recently helped grow AnalogFolk with impressive clients such as Clif Bar, Nike, Spanx and HSBC.

Syed Mujtaba, Chief Technology Officer

Syed Mujtaba leads all aspects of the product development process and development team for Zaptitude. Syed brings more than 11 years of product development and IT management experience with large-scale, SaaS-based applications. He is responsible for leading the global development team, driving product enhancements, and conducting all research and design.  Syed also manages the infrastructure for all the Zaptitude products.

Lori Arnold, Vice President, Business Operations

Lori's background in technology and digital marketing spans over 25 years in both “corporate America” and start-ups.  
Prior to these efforts, Lori was the Vice President of Operations of a leading social media mining company – RelevantNoise, where she drove the product management and client services aspects of the business.  Earlier, Lori co-founded, and subsequently sold, a successful upscale chocolate company, and held director-level positions with ITXC (a BtoB Voice over IP company) in New Business Development, Project Management, and Product Management.  Here she helped bring ITXC public in 2000.

Melissa Angus, Vice President, Customer and Partner Success

Melissa and her team are responsible for ensuring the success of Zaptitude's customer and partner relationships.
Melissa brings over 15 years of marketing strategy, customer service, and sales experience with Fortune 500 clients to her role at Zaptitude.   She continues to be inspired by the changing digital landscape, the merging of online & offline offerings, and the birth of new technologies.