That’s why we’re constantly innovating and improving -- to bring you the best customer referral platform.


Zaptitude’s Good Influence technology is a powerful, scalable, patent-pending customer referral platform. (We actually have three patents pending, but who’s counting?)

The Good Influence technology was specifically developed to help organizations use the positive influence of existing brand advocates to drive new customers. We’ve combined the power of traditional, social and digital media to give businesses the tools to encourage referrals and recommendations across all channels - and then accurately and easily attribute conversions to the right ones.  Good Influence has now been enhanced to enable businesses of all sizes to easily launch and track all types of brand advocate programs including customer referral programs, social recommendation programs, and influencer marketing programs.

Powerful Features

Good Influence is a platform in the truest sense, providing all features businesses need to create and deploy comprehensive customer activation programs that deliver results.


The basics you expect:

  • Reliability: 99.99% uptime with real-time monitoring
  • Scalability: Cloud-based, SaaS platform
  • Ease: Simple to install and to integrate into your current marketing stack

Powerful, easy-to-use features

  • Customize: Unlimited customer engagement options across online and offline channels
  • Test: A/B testing capabilities across all conversion points
  • Report: Real-time management and reporting dashboard

Unique functionality beyond what you expect:

  • Everything you need: Platform, apps and services all included
  • Results you can prove: Unique ripple-effect reporting
  • Efficient and Effective Marketing: Incentive optimization engine determines the highest-ROI incentives for each referrer to deliver maximum results at the lowest cost
  • Innovative features: Gamification module, couponing, “flock to unlock” mode and more
  • Analytics that matter: Closed-loop attribution and reporting for online, offline and multi-channel campaigns